Minahil Bukhari’s practice explores the concepts of displacement, trauma, loss and systematic infractions through the lens of political minimalism. This visuality creates a subconscious reality of impermanence and ephemerality. Having experienced displacement and its non-linguistic implications of loss herself, she believes these encounters are beyond the scope of language to enable comprehension. The focus is on a sensation and sensibility, erasure and absence. Bukhari’s work is a tangible stimulus to the intangible effects, memories, repercussions and histories that reside within. Her artworks are poetic gestures that enable a sense-feeling that transcends the capacity of language. The work requires an attentive and extended process to unravel meaningful encounters, including and beyond an affective response.


Minahil Bukhari is a Pakistani-Canadian artist with an interdisciplinary practice. Her variety of media include installation art, sound, digital media, video, sculpture, and painting. She has completed her Bachelor’s of Fine Art (BFA) from Alberta University of the Arts with distinction and a Master’s (MFA) degree from Simon Fraser University . She has received multiple awards, fellowships and residencies some of which include Steven Shane Annual Graduate Entrance Scholarship, Special Graduate Entrance Scholarship (SGES), Graduate Fellowship, Travel and Minor Research Award and Burrard Arts Foundation Residency. Her works have been exhibited in Canada, digitally and internationally.